Dan Cotton

Fun with PixiJs


PixiJs is a 2D Javascript graphics rendering library which utilises the power of WebGL. WebGL uses your devices graphics card which can be blazingly fast to render compared to your devices

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Visual Studio Code, Intellisense & Emmet

About VSCode

Visual Studio Code is a great editor which brings Microsoft’s new found dedication to the open source world into practice. The single best thing about this editor is the

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Monodevelop Modded Monokai Theme

The default Monodevelop Monokai theme is in my opinion, not that great. I decided to make some modifications to better match Sublime Texts rendition:

Monokai Sublime Preview
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My threejs 404 page


Here is the funky 3D 404 page I made for this site. I quite enjoy seeing what other people come up with for their 404 pages. I especially like githubs Star Wars themed parallax page - anything

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Structuring a Laravel site


Whilst I have created many sites using PHP in the past, I had never really used a framework outside of the very lightweight but powerful framework created by the head of programming at my

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